It is very easy to maintain Akitas. It will be enough to brush them once a week. Twice a year they shed very strong but only for a short while and then it will be most convenient to use a double toothed metal comb. Their white colour is no reason to be concerned, because their fur cleans by itself. That means, bathing and shampoo is not necessary, it will be sufficient to clean them occasionally with pure water. Akitas do not have an unpleasant smell, they cope very well with heat and do not slobber. They will love water and bathing if they grow familiar with it that from the start.

Bitches come in heat twice a year and oestrus lasts usually from 15 – 22 days. They are very clean, and often the first couple of days you will not notice that oestrus has began.


Akitas are very intelligent, balanced, reliable, disciplined and thoughtful. They are extraordinary watchdogs, although they bark only when it is indispensably. They are distrustful with strangers, and devoted to their master and family. A great feature of this dogs is that they will never react imprudently. An Akita will first announce his intention and then react.

Considering that in the past they have been used for haunting bears, they still possess strong developed instincts.

A Japanese proverb, which describes Akitas very well, says: “Gentle in the heart, but brave and strong on the surface.”


Regarding education, first of all you must be consistent. Education shall start from the first day the puppy comes into the house. Akitas love to be dominant (especially males) and if you do not enforce yourself to him as the leader, then he will take over this part and hudge problems will arise.

Akitas can be the ideal dog from whom you will be able to get everything you want; as required Akitas will become a “children’s toy”, “teddybear”, a devoted friend, great protector and bodyguard and loyal companion who will respect all commands. However, whitout a good education an Akita can become a dog who will bring you big problems, and he can get very agressive. An Akita is not the appropriate dog for beginners.

Regarding education, it is important to be strong, but fair, always consistent and to do everything with love, because Akitas will perform every command with joy if they feel that they do it for the master’s love.
Akitas will respect basic commands from any family member if you teach them so, but they will recognize only one master whom they will listen unconditionally.


Akitas are very dominant and they will react agressive when meeting other dogs (especially of the same sex). But that does not mean that coesistence is impossible. If you teach them correctly, Akitas will be disciplined and you will be able to take a walk with them together with dogs of any other breed (if they will not try to enforce their dominance – because Akita must be the chief).

Cats and other pets are no problem if Akitas are familiar to them.

In general, Akitas get on well with kids, you just have to take care that kids do not go too far with pushing around the dog.

Akitas defend their territory very bravely, from man and from dogs, and they will never withdraw. Therefore, in order to avoid inconveniance, make sure that your entrance gate is signed appropriately with a mark “Severe dog”, what Akitas indeed are.


Frequent repetitions of already learned commands are not necessary with Akitas. Once you have teached your Akita some exercise or command, it will be enough to repeat this command once a month, through play.

Akitas are possess enormous endurance. They love long walks and free movement, but they will make no problems if a walk fails to take place sometimes. First of all, Akitas love human company and they will be completely satisfied if they can idle the whole day near their master.